Language Planning and Policy Set (Vols 1-10)

Edited by: Robert B Kaplan, Richard B Baldauf Jr

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Multilingual Matters
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These volumes cover the language situation in various polities, explaining the linguistic diversity, the historical and political contexts and the current language situation, including language-in-education planning, the role of the media, the role of religion, and the roles of non-indigenous languages. In general, the authors are indigenous and have been participants in the language planning context. The purpose of these volumes in this collection is to present up-to-date information on polities that are not well-known to researchers in the field. A longer range purpose is to collect comparable information on as many polities as possible in order to facilitate the development of a richer theory to guide language policy and planning in other polities that undertake the development of a national policy on languages. This areal series is committed to providing descriptions of language planning and policy in countries around the world. This collection is available by special order only. Please email for order queries.

LPP 10 Language Planning and Policy in Asia, Vol.1: Japan, Nepal and Taiwan and Chinese Characters
ISBN 978-1-84769-095-1
LPP 9 Language Planning and Policy: Language Planning in Local Contexts
ISBN 978-1-84769-063-0
LPP 8 Language Planning and Policy in Europe, Vol. 3: The Baltic States, Ireland and Italy
ISBN 978-1-84769-028-9
LPP 7 Language Planning and Policy in Africa, Vol. 2: Algeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria and Tunisia
ISBN 978-1-84769-011-1
LPP 6 Language Planning and Policy in Latin America, Vol. 1: Ecuador, Mexico and Paraguay
ISBN 978-1-84769-006-7
LPP 5 Language Planning and Policy: Issues in Language Planning and Literacy
ISBN 978-1-85359-977-4
LPP 4 Language Planning and Policy in the Pacific, Vol 1: Fiji, The Philippines, and Vanuatu
ISBN 978-1-85359-921-7
LPP 3 Language Planning and Policy in Europe Vol. 2: The Czech Republic, The European Union and Northern Ireland
ISBN 978-1-85359-813-5
LPP 2 Language Planning and Policy in Europe, Vol. 1: Hungary, Finland and Sweden
ISBN 978-1-85359-811-1
LPP 1 Language Planning and Policy in Africa, Vol 1: Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique
ISBN 978-1-85359-725-1

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