Dual Language Bilingual Education: Teacher Cases and Perspectives on Large-Scale Implementation

Author: Kathryn I. Henderson, Deborah K. Palmer

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Multilingual Matters
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This book explores the role of the teacher in dual language bilingual education (DLBE) implementation in a time of nationwide program expansion, in large part due to new and unprecedented top-down initiatives at state and district level. The book provides case studies of DLBE teachers who: (a) implemented the DLBE model with fidelity; (b) struggled to implement the DLBE model; and (c) adapted the DLBE model to meet the needs of their local classroom context. The book demonstrates the way teachers as language policymakers navigate and interpret district-wide DLBE implementation and the tensions that surface through this process. The research, conducted over four years using a variety of methods, highlights the challenges and opportunities faced by teachers implementing DLBE, and will be of interest to both teachers and administrators of DLBE programs as well as scholars working in bilingual education.

As dedicated scholars and advocates for bilingual education, Henderson and Palmer bring to readers an insightful account of the impacts of ideology, identity and policy in bilingual classrooms. Their careful analysis of practitioners in Texan schools point to urgent issues as well as possibilities facing bilingual education and language policy in the United States.

Laura A. Valdiviezo, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA

This book gives educational leaders (beginning with our teachers) important 'food for thought', encouraging reflection upon what our individual and collective contribution needs to be if we are to be successful in delivering the promise of K-12 Dual Language Bilingual Education for ALL families who choose to participate.

David Rogers, Dual Language Education of New Mexico, USA

This excellent book provides a fascinating example of dual language bilingual education today. Rich in ethnographic detail and insightful analysis, Henderson and Palmer carefully document how teachers navigate what proves to be extremely challenging policy terrain. While the case is unique, the findings and recommendations offer crucial implications for language education policies and bilingual programs everywhere.

Kate Menken, City University of New York, USA

Kathryn I. Henderson is an Associate Professor of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies in the School of Education at The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA. Her research interests include language ideologies, language policy and dual language bilingual education programs.

Deborah K. Palmer is a Professor of Equity, Bilingualism and Biliteracy in the School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder, USA. Her research interests include bilingual education policy and politics, critical additive bilingual education, translanguaging, teacher preparation for linguistically/culturally diverse teaching contexts, language, power and identity, and bilingual teacher leadership/agency.

Chapter 1: Large Scale Implementation of Dual Language Bilingual Education: A Key Moment in History

Chapter 2: Guiding Theories: A Language Policy and Language Ecology Framework for Exploring DLBE Program Implementation

Chapter 3: Teacher Perspectives on a District-Wide Dual Language Bilingual Education Language Policy Implementation: An Overview

Chapter 4: Teacher Cases: Implementing with Fidelity or Language Separation in a Bilingual Context

Chapter 5: Teacher Cases: Struggling to Implement DLBE or Multiple and Contradictory Policy Mandates

Chapter 6: Teacher Cases: Adapting the Model or Valuing Linguistic Hybridity in DLBE

Chapter 7: Discussion and Conclusions: Implementing DLBE to Serve Emerging Bilinguals


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