Critical Perspectives on Global Englishes in Asia: Language Policy, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

Edited by: Fan Fang, Handoyo Puji Widodo

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Multilingual Matters
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Although the notion of Global Englishes (GE) has been widely discussed in the literature, few books consider how GE can be translated into educational practice. This book addresses the incorporation of GE into language policy and curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices, and focuses on a wide range of geographical and language contexts. Incorporating GE into language curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices calls for a reframing of our pedagogical practices that take into account the use of Englishes in intercultural and multicultural encounters where people have different first languages and cultural backgrounds. This book will be of interest to policymakers, curriculum developers and practitioner-researchers in the area of English language education.

This collection provides well-argued critiques of the use of native speaker models and standards for English teaching. The authors, taking into account a wide range of contexts, propose the adoption of the concept of global English(es) (GE) and provide thoughtful suggestions of how principles of GE can inform the English language teaching practice.

Andy Kirkpatrick, Griffith University, Australia

Asia is of immense importance to the field of Global Englishes, as it is a vibrant multilingual region, where the impact of Global Englishes is as complex as it is pervasive. This superb volume expertly explores the implications for language education policy and practice by casting a critical eye over issues central to the field's development.

Heath Rose, University of Oxford, UK

The acceptance and recognition of Global Englishes in the curriculum and language policies is still a long way to go but this volume provides a positive perspective to students, teachers, and practitioners regarding such issues. Hence, I fully recommend those working in this field to read this volume because the insightful findings and suggestions related to the principles of GE in English language education will contribute to their teaching practice.

LINGUIST List 32.2021

Fan Fang is an Associate Professor in the College of Liberal Arts, Shantou University, China. His research interests include Global Englishes, language attitudes, identity and intercultural communication. He has published various articles and chapters in the area of applied linguistics and education.

Handoyo Puji Widodo has taught English in China, Indonesia and the USA. Widodo has published extensively in refereed journals and edited volumes. His areas of specialization include language teaching methodology, language curriculum and materials development, systemic functional linguistics (SFL) in language education, and teacher professional development. His work has been grounded in socio-semiotic, socio-cognitive, sociocultural, and critical theories of language pedagogies.

Preface. Jennifer Jenkins

Chapter 1. Fan (Gabriel) Fang & Handoyo Puji Widodo:  Critical Perspectives on Global Englishes        

Chapter 2. Ryuko Kubota: A Critical Examination of Common Beliefs about Language Teaching: From Research Insights to Professional Engagement

Chapter 3. Ting Zhang & Yongyan Zheng: English is the Default Language? – A Study of International Students' Language Needs in the Chinese Higher Education Context

Chapter 4. Ishamina Athirah Gardiner & David Deterding: Language selection and assessment in Brunei Darussalam

Chapter 5. James Dean Brown: Global Englishes and the International Standardized English Language Proficiency Tests

Chapter 6. Maria Luz Elena N. Canilao: Looking through the eyes of Global Englishes: Enhancing English language teaching in multicultural classrooms

Chapter 7. Jim Chan: Contextualising Teaching English as a Local/Global Language: A Bottom-up Sociolinguistic Investigation

Chapter 8. James D'Angelo: From Learners to Users: Reframing a Japanese University Curriculum towards a "WE Enterprise" – Informed EMI Model                                                                 

Chapter 9. Ali Fuad Selvi: Talking the Talk but not Walking the Walk? – Preparing Teachers for Global Englishes Pedagogy

Chapter 10. Zhichang Xu: Practices of Teaching Englishes: Pedagogical Reflections and Implications

Chapter 11. Yue Chen & Cong Zhang: Reform and Opportunities: China English in Chinese Higher Education

Chapter 12. Handoyo Puji Widodo & Fan (Gabriel) Fang: GE-Oriented English Language Education      

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