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L2 Grammatical Representation and Processing Theory and Practice

Edited by: Deborah Arteaga | Paperback | 9781788925334

The chapters in this volume, all written by experts in the field, present an array of new research on second language acquisition (SLA) that touches on several current theoretical debates in the field and present a rich range of new empirical data and a number of innovative findings. The studies address questions relating to ultimate att…

Learning English and Chinese as Foreign Languages Sociocultural and Comparative Perspectives

Author: Wen-Chuan Lin | Paperback | 9781788925136

Learning English and Chinese is becoming increasingly important to the prospects of young people. This book compares English as a Foreign Language teaching in Taiwan with Chinese as a Foreign Language education in England in order to highlight how classroom activities are embedded within multiple settings, including ethnic or other socia…

Brokering Britain, Educating Citizens Exploring ESOL and Citizenship

Edited by: Melanie Cooke, Rob Peutrell | Paperback | 9781788924610

This book addresses the politically charged issue of citizenship and English language learning among adult migrants in the UK. Whilst citizenship learning is inherent in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), the book argues that top-down approaches and externally-designed curricula are not a productive …

The Embodied Work of Teaching

Edited by: Joan Kelly Hall, Stephen Daniel Looney | Paperback | 9781788925488

The chapters in this volume build on a growing body of ethnomethodological conversation analytic research on teaching in order to enhance our empirical understandings of teaching as embodied, contingent and jointly achieved with students in the complex management of various courses of action and larger instructional projects. Together, t…

Voices of a City Market An Ethnography

Author: Adrian Blackledge, Angela Creese | Paperback | 9781788925082

This book breaks new ground in its representation of the voices of people in a superdiverse city as they go about their everyday lives. Poetic, polyphonic, and compelling, it places the reader at the heart of the market hall, surrounded by the translanguaging voices of people from all over the world.…

Using Linguistically Appropriate Practice A Guide for Teaching in Multilingual Classrooms

Author: Roma Chumak-Horbatsch | Paperback | 9781788924948

The presence of students for whom the school language is not their first language creates unique challenges and opportunities for teachers. This book provides an accessible guide to multilingual teaching using Linguistically Appropriate Practice (LAP) in diverse classrooms worldwide.…

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Researchers and Instructors Need to Talk to One Another!

This month we are publishing L2 Grammatical Representation and Processing edited by Deborah Arteaga. In this post the editor explains what motivated her to put the book together. Too often, there is a divide between second-language (L2) researchers and L2 instructors. With a few exceptions, L2 research is typically highly theoretical and has no clear … Continue reading Researchers and Instructors Need to Talk to One Another!

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