Incorporating Corpora The Linguist and the Translator Edited by: Gunilla Anderman, Margaret Rogers

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10 Dec 2007
Translating Europe
Multilingual Matters
234 x 156


The emergence of studies of translation based on electronic corpora has been one of the most interesting and fruitful developments in Translation Studies in recent years. But the origins of such studies can be traced back through many decades, as this volume sets out to establish. Covering a number of European languages including Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovenian, as well as French, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish, the book presents many new studies of translation patterns using parallel corpora focusing on particular linguistic features. The studies reveal systemic differences which are in turn, of relevance to the linguistic description of the languages concerned, as well as to translator training. Also included are broader-ranging contributions on the concept of translation universals, including a critical perspective on this popular topic. [127 words]

Author Biography:

Gunilla Anderman († 2007) was Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Surrey where she taught translation theory, translation of drama and translation of children’s literature, fields in which she has published and lectured widely in the UK as well as internationally.  She was also a professional translator with translations of Scandinavian plays staged in the UK, USA and South Africa. Her most recent publications include ‘Linguistics and Translation’ in A Companion to Translation Studies, edited by P.Kuhiwczak and K.Littau (2007) and In So Many Words: Translating for the  Screen (2007) co-edited with J. Cintas-Diaz (2007).

Margaret Rogers has a PhD in Applied Linguistics and is Director of the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Surrey, where she teaches terminology, translation and text analysis on the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Translation Studies. She initiated the Terminology Network in the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, UK, and is a founder member of the Association for Terminology and Lexicography. Her publications focus on terminology in text, particularly in LSP texts in translation.

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Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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