Multilingual Computer Assisted Language Learning Edited by: Judith Buendgens-Kosten, Daniela Elsner

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09 Aug 2018
234 x 156


Recent developments in education, such as the increasing linguistic diversity in school populations and the digital revolution which has led to new ways of being, learning and socialising, have brought about fresh challenges and opportunities. In response, this book shows how technology enriches multilingual language learning, as well as how multilingual practices enrich computer assisted language learning (CALL) by bringing together two, thus far distinct, fields of research: CALL and multilingual approaches to language learning. The collection includes contributions from researchers and practitioners from three continents to illustrate how native languages, previously studied languages, heritage languages or dialects are activated through technology in formal and informal learning situations. The studies in this book showcase multilingual language use in chat rooms, computer games, digital stories, ebook apps, online texts and telecollaboration/virtual exchange via interactive whiteboards. This volume will be of interest to researchers interested in language learning and teaching and to practitioners looking for support in seizing the opportunities presented by the multilingual, digital classroom.


This inspiring volume sets the stage for a radical shift in language learning pedagogy. The rich collection of studies draws on a diverse range of multimodal digital technologies to illustrate their potential for establishing exciting multilingual learning environments. MCALL has arrived – a must-read for teachers, teacher educators and researchers everywhere!

- Janet Enever, University of Reading, UK; Umeå University, Sweden

This inspirational and timely volume demonstrates that we have finally reached a tipping point with respect to the impact of digital technologies on education. In these pages we see the immense potential of new technologies to promote not only learner autonomy but also collaborative learning of languages and academic content both within the classroom and across the globe.

- Jim Cummins, University of Toronto, Canada

Author Biography:

Judith Buendgens-Kosten is Professor-pro-tem in the Department of English and American Studies at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. Her research focuses on CALL in multilingual contexts, language learning with bi- and multilingual media, game-based language learning, multilingual practices in language learning, and dual language books.

Daniela Elsner is Professor of foreign language learning and teaching and Director of the Academy of Teacher Education and Research at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. Her research focuses on early language learning, bi- and multilingual practices in language learning, multiliteracies, and higher education teaching. 

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Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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