What Teachers Need to Know About Language Edited by: Carolyn Temple Adger, Catherine E. Snow, Donna Christian

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31 Jul 2018
234 x 156


Rising enrollments of children for whom English is not a first language mean that every teacher is a language teacher as well as a subject area teacher. This book shows what teachers need to know about language in order to be more effective in the classroom and how teacher education might help them gain that knowledge. It focuses especially on features of academic English and gives examples of the many aspects of teaching and learning in which language is a key. Research conducted since the first edition has expanded our understanding of academic language, with particular implications for teaching English learners. The new edition reflects the expanded knowledge base, derived from research on classrooms and curricula, showing the pivotal role that language plays in learning and schooling.The volume will be of interest to teachers, teacher educators, professional development specialists, administrators, and all those interested in learning more about the important role played by language in helping to ensure student success in the classroom and beyond.


The second edition of What Teachers Need to Know About Language is an outstanding volume that makes a significant contribution to the field in so many ways, furthering our understanding of the issues surrounding what teachers need to know about language to be effective educators in today’s K12 public school climate. Reading this book is like discovering a goldmine and I am eager to discuss it with colleagues at my institution.

- MaryAnn Christison, University of Utah, USA

Quality instruction requires an understanding of the language demands of learning. This is an essential book that provides extraordinary resources for educators, striking a chord with anyone who cares about learning for all children (not just those who are learning English as an additional language).

- Young-Suk Grace Kim, University of California, Irvine, USA

Author Biography:

Carolyn Temple Adger is Senior Fellow, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC. Her research interests include biliteracy and language variation.

Catherine E. Snow is the Patricia Albjerg Graham Professor of Education, Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Her research interests include first and second language acquisition and literacy.

Donna Christian is Senior Fellow, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC. Her research interests include dual language education, dialect diversity, and language and public policy.

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Postgraduate, Undergraduate

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