Multilinguals' Verbalisation and Perception of Emotions Author: Pia Resnik

Hardback - 336 pages
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30 Jun 2018
234 x 156


This book investigates the interplay of language, emotion and gender in a multilingual context and provides rich insights into the complexities of bilingualism and the field of emotion research, as well as the intersection of both. Combining quantitative and qualitative analyses of data, the book examines multilinguals' verbalisation and perception of emotions in their first language and English, their second language (L2). The research looks at crosslinguistic, intercultural and gender-based differences, thereby highlighting the challenges faced by multilinguals in this context and the potential risks of miscommunication and misinterpretation. Results support the call for a change of paradigm towards a holistic approach to multilingualism and emotion research and highlight the similarities and differences in L2 users of English when expressing their emotions in the different languages. The book will appeal to anyone interested in research on emotions in the context of bi-/multilingualism or second language acquisition, as well as those teaching or learning multiple languages.

Author Biography:

Pia Resnik is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of English of the University of Vienna, Austria. Her research interests include all aspects surrounding multilingual users of English, with a particular focus on emotions in multilingual contexts. Recently, she has started investigating the effect of tandem language learning on students’ foreign language enjoyment, foreign language anxiety and learner autonomy, a project she collaborates on with colleagues at King’s College London, UK.

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Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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